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SpouwSafe 50 cm

SpouwSafe 50 cm

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A specially developed weep hole screen that can be easily placed in weep holes.

SpouwSafe stainless steel weep hole screen
SpouwSafe is a specially developed weep hole screen that can be easily placed in weep holes. Once SpouwSafe is placed it will be impossible to remove manually. Furthermore, SpouwSafe can be cut to size if necessary.

A weep hole allows for ventilation of your cavity wall. Unlike other cavity-safe products, SpouwSafe has excellent clamping capacity and can not be removed manually.

All kinds of pests like wasps, bees, hornets, rats and mice can access your cavity wall through these weep holes. SpouwSafe is specially developed so that your weep holes provide optimal ventilation and at the same time prevent pests from getting into your cavity wall.

SpouwSafe can be adjusted to the width of the weep hole thanks to the unique design. The weep hole screens are easily placed, even after construction. The product is made of stainless steel and is a very practical and durable embellishment for your walls.
• Prevents entry of pests into the cavity wall.
• Is easily placed after construction. 
• Available in various sizes.
• No tools necessary.
• Adjusts to fit the weep hole! Also ideal for crooked weep holes.
• Double lock and can be cut to size if necessary.
• Saves on construction costs.
• Pretty and seamless view.
• Durable. (Made of very strong stainless steel)
Flexible: SpouwSafe is easily placeable in open weep holes from 5 mm to 24 mm wide
Other holes can be filled up with Mouseshield and NetNox. Mice can crawl through holes as small as a pencil. With Mouseshield and/or NetNox this can no longer happen.
SPOU004: 4 cm
SPOU005: 5 cm
SPOU006: 6 cm
SPOU007: 7 cm
SPOU009: 9 cm
SPOU025: 24 cm
SPOU050: 50 cm

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