Collection: Dog Grooming, Health & Hygiene

Keep your pooch clean and healthy with our range of Dog Grooming, Health & Hygiene products. Your furry friend deserves the very finest care and attention, which is why we've compiled a range of products featuring everything you need to keep your four-legged friend superbly groomed, healthy and clean. Our range includes brushes, gloves, combs, shampoos and fragrances for both male and female dogs - there's something for every type of dog out there!
Dog Grooming, Health & Hygiene

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We offer efficient and reliable direct tracked shipping services to Ireland. For peace of mind, track and follow your order online from our European based fulfilment centre direct to your door.

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We research all our products and suppliers to ensure that
they are safe for your pets, and we guarantee the quality of all items we sell. Should you be unsatisfied with your purchase we allow a 14 day return period.