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HD Dog Bed

HD Dog Bed L

HD Dog Bed L

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HD Orthopedic Dog Bed (HD = Hip dysplasia)* Charge of joints or muscles?* Or just to avoid these problems?Then this is the right bed for your dog

HD Orthopedic dog bed (HD= Hip dysplasia).

 Trouble with joints or muscles? Or do you just want to prevent these problems?

Then this is the right bed for your dog.

Joint problems

This orthopedic dog bed is particularly suitable for dogs with joint problems, osteoarthritis or signs of old age. Moreover, the bed has a preventive effect to avoid these problems.
HD and ED are conditions, which are common.

Memory foam

On top of the normal foam filling, these orthopedic dog beds have a 3 cm thick layer of memory foam. This ensures that your dog's body weight is distributed many times better over the entire dog bed. Characteristic of these beds is the fact that the memory foam adapts seamlessly to your dog's body shapes. This completely relieves your dog's joints which will significantly improve your dog's condition. When your dog leaves the dog bed, the bed regains its actual shapes.


The HD Dogbed is covered with the best quality pu-leather, a high quality artificial leather. This retains your dog's body heat much better. Cleaning this dog bed is a breeze. Simply wipe the supple pu-leather with a damp cloth and your dog bed is clean again. Foul odors are a thing of the past! This cover of the bed is completely water repellent.  These dog beds also offer a solution for older incontinent dogs or puppies and young dogs that are not yet (fully) fully housebroken. Also, fleas and ticks do not stand a chance because they cannot nest in the bed. This can occur with normal dog pillows, however.


Allergies (dust/dust mites)

Because the cover of the HD-Dogbed is made of durable PU leather, this is the appropriate pillow for people or animals who have problems with allergies. Simply because dust, dust mites, fleas, etc. cannot settle in this pillow. The cover has a zipper and is hand washable.

KUSS040: 55 x 80 cm.
Suitable for small dogs weighing 0-10 kg: chihuahua, miniature dachshund, dachshund, Maltese, Cavalier king charles spaniel.
KUSS041: 75 x 100 cm (KUSS041)
Suitable for medium-sized dogs weighing 10-20 kg: French bulldog, Border collie, Friesian stabby.
KUSS042: 90 x 125 cm (KUSS042)
Suitable for large dogs weighing 20-40 kg: Golden retriever, Labrador, German shepherd, Dalmatian.
KUSS043: 100 x 150 cm (KUSS043)
Suitable for extra large dogs from 40 - 80 kg: Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Boerboel, Great Dane.


HD Dogbed is the solution to combat muscle and joint pain in your dog!

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