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Kanters Exolium Gel

Kanters Exolium Gel

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Adhesion to the claw/hoof, Best in Test!

Adhesion to the claw/hoof, Best in test!
For individual aplication. 

What is Exolium Gel?
Exolium Gel is the original hoofcare gel based on copper and zinc chelate, used for the individual application after hoof trimming. 

300 ml is sufficient for the care of 35 claws.

What to expect
• Easy applicable after hoof trimming
• Maximal adhesion
• Maximal protection
• Perfect spreadability
• Highly concentrated
• Economic in use
• Still works after contact with manure

When to use
• After hoof trimming

How to use

Apply a covering layer of Exolium Gel on the hoof and within the interdigital space. Leave the Exolium Gel on for a few minutes. If desired, tape the claw with Bandage animal profi. Leave the tape for three days and remove it afterwards. Apply again a layer of Exolium Gel onto the claw for optimal results.

Use Bandage Animal Profi for extra protection after applying Hoofgel.

Treatment hooves (horse)
• Make sure the hoof is cleaned by scratching both the central as well as the collateral sulcus with a clean hoof pick. Make sure all manure is completely removed. 
• Apply a large quantity of Exolium Gel with a brush to the deepest parts of the sulcus, or rub well the white line with the Exolium Gel. 
• Divide the Exolium Gel equally over the full sulcus/white line so that the entire area is covered in a layer of gel. After the trimming, the entire sole can be rubbed as well.

• Chelated minerals
• Organic acids
• Thickener
• Stabilisers
• Emulsifiers

KANT007: 300 ml
KANT017: 1000 ml

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