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Calf Speedy Feeder Blue 4 l

Calf Speedy Feeder Blue 4 l

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Revolutionary Teat with 2 feed openings.

Super Cheap!
* The bottle for a complete milk supply to newborn calves.
* Unique ergonomic handle.
* Large Bottle opening for easy filling and cleaning.
* Large screw cap.
* Revolutionary Teat with 2 feed openings.
* The milkwill spray in a V-shape in the mouth of the calf this stimulates 
   the taste buds.
* Due to the large bottom stands the Speedy Feeder stable upright.
* Speedy Feeder is made of super strong plastic.

Speedy Feeder
The unique 3 Speeds air supply valve gives you an easy control 
of the milk flow.
0 = No air supply (early born calves).
1 = Slight air supply (weak calves).
2 = Large air supply (fast drinking calves).

Provide milk easy  (see photos) from the front and from behind the calf through the unique handle.The unique grip ensures that you both front and back of the calf can administer the milk.The teat is mounted low in the screw cap so that the bottle is whole emptied at the same level.

Unique teat
The uniqueness of this teat is the following: It is a pump-teat with 2 inlet openings. The milk will spray when the calf is suckling in a V-shape in the mouth of the calf. This stimulates the taste buds. Newborn calves learn so quick to suck on the bottle!

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